Heart of Grace

  • Our first priority is the needs of our patients and their families
  • We must always listen to and honor our patients, families, co-workers and customers and not impose judgments, values, or beliefs
  • Respect and honor differences, cultures, diversity of beliefs during our journey
  • Support each other in a way that allows personal and professional growth with self-actualization
  • In order to care for our patients we must care for ourselves and each other
  • We will strive to do our best, continuing to learn, enhancing our skills and the skills of all Grace Healthcare Services’ staff
  • Perform with integrity, meeting the needs of our patients, their families, customers, co-workers and each other
  • Catch someone doing something right. Recognize accomplishments and give compliments freely
  • We are all responsible for maintaining a positive, energetic, creative environment that sustains the growth of Grace Healthcare Services to an exceptional level of performance