Our Administrator Jill Levine had a best friend who was dying and desperately needed Hospice Services. Noreen was a young woman, who had just celebrated her 50th birthday. Giving up treatment was not an option until there were clearly no other choices. When it was inevitable that her illness was terminal, Jill began a search for hospice care. At the time “We all worked for the same hospice and it occurred to us that we could not recommend our hospice or any of the other hospices that served the area where Noreen lived. We could come up with names of people that we knew were excellent hospice workers but not an excellent hospice company.” There is a tremendous gap in the knowledge and expertise of hospice staff. At that time there were 50 hospices in the state of NJ. You will get different answers from different hospices to basic questions concerning the Medicare Hospice Benefit. This happens even though we all operate under the same regulations.

Jill was on a mission to create a hospice company that hires employees who have a passion for working with patients and their families at this very challenging time. The management team of Grace Healthcare Services have combined experience of over 100 years in providing hospice services. It is the commitment of Grace Healthcare Services to educate our employees in order to close the gap in knowledge and provide excellence in hospice care that our patients and their families deserve.